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Continual learning, development and growth are key to every business. Owners of small business are constantly juggling growth, costs, staff development and quite often their own personal development is last on the list. Engaging Tony’s services has enabled me to commit to putting time aside to fine tune all aspect of the business including financial reporting, target / margin review, goals, plans, industry standards, how to be competitive as well as dealing with uncertain times (COVID!). Tony has been a wonderful support to me personally and his Captain’s Tables & Consultant’s Tables have provided my staff with the tailored knowledge and training which traditionally only those in large agencies would only have access to.

Sarah, Managing Director,  Recruitment

I always include Tony when I think about the people that were instrumental in helping me grow my business and profits and exit in fine style. Since I sold, I have lived in France and travel through Europe 6 months every year. Tony was my very first business coach and the lessons learnt from him, throughout the whole time I had the business were invaluable.

Jan, Former Founder, Recruitment Specialists

All Recruitment Company Owners are generally passionate about their company and are striving for success. However working in the people business is like no other, as it is filled with unique and critical industry issues. With my company, Southtech Personnel, I was very fortunate to have help and advice, over many years from Tony, who not only helped me build my business but enabled me to sell it to an ASX listed company.

Tony would have the broadest knowledge, right across the Recruitment Industry, of anyone I have ever met. I would highly recommend working with him and Navigator Consulting to help you build your own high performing recruitment business.

Steve, Former Founder 

I have known Tony Hall of Navigator Consulting for twenty years. I met Tony when I engaged him as a consultant to help grow my recruitment company, The One Umbrella P/L, from an owner/operator organisation to the next level. Tony pinpointed the critical variables in my business, re-modelled management functions and sourced business development staff. Together we developed systems to help the business thrive – without being totally dependent on me. Whereas most of my time had been spent on day-to-day problem solving, I had more time to focus on sustaining a strong performance in a competitive economy, marketing and long-term planning.

Working through the Best Practice Certification process, my business benchmarked its service delivery. The result was increased billings and improved market share.

With his industry connections, Tony introduced us to a listed recruitment company in the market for acquisitions. Tony made the biggest difference as we navigated the rough seas of selling the business.

Tony understood that my husband and I had invested years of psychological and physical energy in our business. He was patient and caring about our emotional well-being and understood when we had second thoughts about selling. He dealt with our concerns and answered our questions.

Tony also understood we had a window of opportunity and didn’t want us to miss it. He helped us value the business, decide on a sale price and put together a presentation. Over a couple of weeks he negotiated a handover, arrangements for existing staff, and a multi-million dollar exit. We achieved our goal which was to have sufficient funds to retire.

Tony’s skill is to understand the mindset of both parties to a deal. In our case, we achieved a good result for both parties.

Marion Nicolson, former Managing Director, The One Umbrella P/L

Tony has been a huge asset to our business. Often it is easy to get caught up in the operations side of running a business; it tends to take priority over strategy, planning and future vision. Meeting with Tony on a monthly basis has helped us carve out the time to reflect, assess and strategise effectively to ensure future growth and scale of our business. One of the most valuable aspects so far has been the exercise of ensuring strong foundations around, company financials, insurances, processes, unique value proposition and customer journey, systemisation and a strong gap analysis and business plan. The step by step nature of Tony’s Navigator program ensures these ‘big ticket items’ are broken down into digestible portions and implemented (with accountability!) in a balanced and sound manner. I have already recommended Tony to those I know and respect in the industry; anyone looking to build a sustainable, scalable business.

Erin, Director, Recuitment 

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