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Business Accelerator Program

Accelerate the performance and growth of your business.

Succession – Exit – Business Value – Performance – Planning – Learning


Are you looking to more rapidly improve or grow your high performing industry best practice recruitment firm?

Would you like to learn about critical recruitment industry success factors for increased profitability and avoid the costly and frustrating mistakes made by other leaders who have gone before you?

Are you seeking clear direction, exit, succession and much more enjoyment from your recruitment business?


Business Planning with an experienced recruitment advisor is critical to success. 


A practical Business Plan with goals, milestones and actions is critical to the successful growth and improvement of an industry leading recruitment agency.


1. Create clear short, medium and long-term goals
2. Proven probability of increased success
3. Enjoy clarity from a succinct plan
4. Maximise short term profitability
5. Build long term business value
6. Improve current business operations
7. Share your vision with staff and shareholders
8. Develop a plan for succession
9. Focus on the most important activities
10. Hold yourself accountable to staying on track


For over 20 years Navigator Consulting has helped advise many growing Australian recruitment companies. We have owned, run and started agencies and experienced so many ways to build a high performing recruitment company.


Our new Recruitment Business Accelerator Program encapsulates 22 years of experience growing successful recruitment companies and combines so many ideas with building a practical Business Performance Plan which helps owners achieve their goals faster and more efficiently.

The low monthly cost of our program will pay for itself many times over in terms of:

  • financial return

  • improved owner job satisfaction

  • reduced work stress

  • more cohesive staff

  • higher long term business value

The Recruitment Business Accelerator Program

For owners of  growing private recruitment firms. We are pleased to launch an industry-first 10-month intensive program jammed full of practical advice, tools and techniques for rapidly developing your skills and knowledge of running and improving a high performing recruitment practice and standing out as a true market leader in our very exciting $11 Billion industry.

To quickly and profitably improve the performance of your business, recruitment industry growth 


After an exciting 23 years of recruitment industry growth consulting and research experience, we have now condensed all our knowledge into a succinct and practical program at a very low cost.

The Recruitment Business Accelerator Program will have a very personal and in-depth focus on:

  • Addressing and actioning critical industry growth and performance challenges

  • Solving immediate problems

  • Maintaining accountability for agreed actions

  • Providing a sounding board for decision making

  • Improving staff attraction and performance

  • Producing a practical business improvement plan to accelerate future success

  • Planning for growth, profit, succession or exit

  • Building a true Best Practice Certified Recruitment company

Suitable for: Recruitment industry owners, directors and senior leaders – from start-ups looking to grow, or seasoned firms searching for improvement, increased business value, exit or succession.

Duration: Monthly 2-hour intensive in person or Zoom meetings with follow up calls to check on progress.

Commencing Now – please contact us below for the detailed Course Outline.

You will address the major barriers to your growth and performance:

This low-cost, high-impact structured recruitment industry leader’s program has never been offered before and includes:

    1. A 2-hour intensive recruitment firm specific monthly meeting – face to face or Zoom

    2. All workbooks, presentations and materials

    3. Over $5000 worth of Navigator Consulting products:

          –  Business Improvement Plan
          –  Recruitment Industry Best Practice pre-Certification
          –  Business Health Check before and after your participation
          –  Blueprint For Profit Maximisation
          –  Regular Captain’s Table membership

Plus: Ten (10) x one-hour follow up implementation assistance sessions in person or via Zoom


What you will learn:

Each monthly session will consist of a in-person or online presentation by the organiser and the formulation of critical business planning actions to ensure successful business improvement.


Session 1 –  5 Critical Success Factors for Recruitment Firms – Goals & Objectives – Health Check

Session 2 –  Business Improvement Planning for Success –  A Practical Improvement Plan That Works

Session 3 –  Staff Attraction – A Critical Success Factor + Massively improving the 360 Model

Session 4 –  Maximising Staff Retention and Performance

Session 5 –  Sales and Marketing

Session 6 –  Operations and Quality

Session 7 –  Technology

Session 8 –  Financial Management

Session 9 –   Leadership and Succession

Month 10 –  Building The Ultimate Recruitment Business


Includes – Business Growth and Improvement Plan + Recruitment Industry Best Practice Certification + Captain’s Table annual membership.


What past participants have said:


I have been a client of Tony’s Recruitment Business Accelerator program since December 2020. Tony’s program is pragmatic, easy to understand and apply, and very logical. On top of this I have found Tony to be a good sounding board and very direct in his communication style. He has provided me with a different perspective and some great context on the overall recruitment market in general.

Ben Cantrall,  Director at Recruitmore

“For the past couple of years I have been searching for an opportunity to meet regularly with a small group of niche recruitment business owners, who are as driven as I am to build a successful recruitment business.  Having spent time getting to know Tony I think his Accelerator Program is the ideal, confidential forum for sharing our knowledge and insights whilst being made accountable for our vision and goals.  Count me in!”

Vicki-Anne Craigen, Director, Creative Recruiters

Tony has been a huge asset to our business. Often it is easy to get caught up in the operations side of running a business; it tends to take priority over strategy, planning and future vision. Meeting with Tony on a monthly basis has helped us carve out the time to reflect, assess and strategise effectively to ensure future growth and scale of our business.

One of the most valuable aspects so far has been the exercise of ensuring strong foundations around, company financials, insurances, processes, unique value proposition and customer journey, systemisation and a strong gap analysis and business plan. The step by step nature of Tony’s Navigator program ensures these ‘big ticket items’ are broken down into digestible portions and implemented (with accountability!) in a balanced and sound manner. I have already recommended Tony to those I know and respect in the industry; anyone looking to build a sustainable, scaleable business.

Erin Evans, Director, Firesoft Consulting

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