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Monthly Recruitment Leaders' Forum

Captain's Table is a monthly professionally-facilitated forum for owners and leaders of recruitment businesses, hosted by Tony Hall from industry performance and growth specialists Navigator Consulting.  Attendees are encouraged to interact with high level guest speakers, share experiences and engage in discussions during and after each session. 

Captain's Table is brought to you by - leading RMS provider Job Adder, industry specialist cash flow finance partner APositive, recruitment bookkeeping company DigitPro, workforce management services provider People 2.0 and leading accounting firm William Buck . Please reach out to them for additional ideas on how to further enhance the performance of your recruitment company.


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Protect Your Recruitment Business From Dramatically Increasing Cyber Threats

Bookings and More Details here:

Captain's Table Sydney in person, 11 am, Tues, 21 November 2023 - For Recruitment Owners, Managers and Senior Consultants, JobAdder Event Space, Level 1, 10 Bond St, Sydney.)

Captain's Table Melbourne in person, 12 Noon, Thurs, 23 November 2023 - For Recruitment Owners, Managers and Senior Consultants, William Buck Offices, Level 20, 181 William St, Melbourne.)

Don't be the next victim - everything you need to know to protect your business from the dramatic increase in cyber attacks.

Cyber security features heavily in the news, media, and many conferences for good reason. Cyber-attacks are happening at an unprecedented scale and no business is exempt.

Cyber criminals use your business information and systems to profit and their business is booming. Data breaches, ransomware, sophisticated attacks, and phishing are regular features.

And while cyber security is a serious concern for most businesses, many don’t know where to start.

During this unique Captain's Table session, Cyber Security expert Brett Crockford will unpack the hype versus reality, with reality being even more alarming than the hype!

He will uncover attacker motivations, techniques with real-world examples and what it means to you.

Brett will also provide you with the knowledge to make sense of all the noise and to take positive steps to protect your business across key areas such as:

1. Data breaches, the risk, the impact and how to avoid.

2. Privacy & compliance obligations

3. Cyber Insurance for business resilience

4. Supply chain & cloud risk and how to be cyber-smart.

5. Securing data and access with a focus on remote/offshore/outsourced team members

6. The benefits & perils of AI/Chat GPT and derivatives

Lastly, Brett will talk about cyber resilience; what you can do, practically & sensibly, to securely enable your business into the future. He will draw on the expertise of Meena Wahi, a recognised cyber risk insurance expert and thought leader. Meena regularly speaks at conferences on cyber and data privacy risk and helps her clients with strategies to mitigate risk through insurance.


About Brett Crockford

Come prepared to learn & discuss how your business can survive in this world of threats.

Brett Crockford is a technology professional with over 30 years of cyber security experience.

He has built and lead small high performance security teams to seek out nation-state level hackers, detect threats, protect data, as well as provide security assessments and strategies to improve security maturity for some of Australia’s best-known brands.

He is Co-founder/CEO of Small Robot, a specialist cyber security company with a focus on providing real-world security protection for businesses large and small.

This is an in-person event with a copy of the presentation provided to all participants.


Time To Waste: Implementing Generative AI In Recruitment

Bookings and More Details here:
Captain's Table Sydney in person, 11 am, Wed, 25 October 2023 - For Recruitment Owners, Managers and Senior Consultants, JobAdder Event Space, Level 1, 10 Bond St, Sydney.)

Captain's Table Melbourne in person, 12 Noon, Thurs, 26 October 2023 - For Recruitment Owners, Managers and Senior Consultants, William Buck Offices, Level 20, 181 William St, Melbourne.)

While some companies are banning its use, others are embracing the new tech and its huge potential. No matter where you sit on this spectrum, it’s clear that generative AI brings a new paradigm shift to the recruitment world, blending efficiency with human-like creativity to simplify the recruitment process. 

This session lead by JobAdder CEO Martin Herbst will explore the current state of play of Generative AI in recruitment and then jump into real, practical applications of how you can be using Generative AI in your business right now. 

The session will also provide a forum for leaders to exchange ideas with peers, sparking a pool of quick wins and learnings you can take back to your business after the event. 

*** What is Generative AI and how is it transforming the role of the recruiter? 
*** How are companies currently using Generative AI? - Come prepared to exchange ideas 
*** What recruitment tasks can I automate and how do I get started? Including walk-throughs of real examples
*** Practical tips for making the most of Generative AI in your recruitment workflow

This is an interactive in-person event with a copy of the presentation provided to all participants. 

Don't miss this golden opportunity to set your business up for success – register now and secure your spots! Tickets are low cost with profits to The Australian Red Cross.

Untangling Major Migration and Visa Changes to Unlock Overseas Talent

Since Covid there have been so many changes to migration and visa regulations with many more about to happen soon. It is almost impossible to keep up with all these regulations which are so important for the recruitment of overseas talent for you and your clients. There are over 100 Visas issued by the Australian Government - make sure you are on top of the most important ones!

Presented By: Virginia Bennett, Pink Immigration

Please join us for another Captain's Table session packed full of ideas to stay ahead of all the changes and benefit from a fact-filled session from a leading Australian immigration expert.


Virginia's interactive presentation will cover:

1. Standard Business Sponsorship vs. On-hire Labour Agreement

2. Understanding the 482 Talent Skill Shortage Visa

- Process Overview : Assessing Workers

- Labour Market Testing

- Transfers - Navigating The Process

- Approval Steps and Processing Times

3. Exploring the specialist 400 Visa as an alternative for immediate workforce requirements

4. Updates On Working Holiday , Student and 408 Events Visas

5. Permanent Residency: Opportunities and considerations

Next Level Business Development For a Rapidly Changing Recruitment Market

Please join us in Brisbane for a very valuable meeting for leaders and consultants. We guarantee you will find it extremely useful.

In this ever-changing market, professional new business development skills and processes are now more important than ever.

Presented By: Adele Last, Trainer and Recruiter, Career Lasso

Many recruitment firms have noticed a tightening of the market and lengthening client decision making times. Now is an ideal opportunity to plan ahead, re-skill your team and implement critical business development strategies to maximise current and potential new client opportunities.

Adele will share many professional new business strategies which will help build client relationships and guard against an approaching potential slowdown.


The interactive presentation will cover:

1. Why it’s the best time to launch a professional new business development program

2. What strategies are proven to work in challenging markets

3. Understanding the success factors and pitfalls of reverse marketing

4. How to re-engineer and reskill your current team

5. How to map your markets and slowly build strong new client relationships 

Please use the links above to book as this session is likely to sell out due to room capacity.


We hope to see there as Adele will share with you and your team many ideas on the new world of recruitment business development.

What You STILL Don't Know About Offshore Recruitment.

Our interactive in-person facilitated discussion will uncover:

- What resourcing, admin or marketing tasks are perfect for offshore
- 10 Critical Success Factors to Ensure The Offshore Model is maximised
- How much should you pay staff and what about bonuses?
- How to prevent the typical failures and false starts
- How to get the best out of your offshore staff and integrate them into your current team
- How do you scale offshore capability and re-engineer your onshore team to maximise revenues.

End of Financial Year Must-Dos for Business Success

Don't miss this month's Captain's Table session packed full of ideas to boost performance, reduce cost and build wealth in a fast-changing market.

William Buck will kindly share very valuable End Of Financial Year and Wealth Creation information to stay well ahead of the game.

• Hear it first! Discover the latest Federal Budget updates and get the inside scoop on how they'll impact your business.

• Minimise financial stress with effective management strategies that'll give your business the performance and cash flow boost it deserves.

• Discover personal wealth management tips to grow and safeguard your wealth. Have your money work for you, not the other way around!

• Don't wait until the last minute! Get ahead of the game with year-end tax planning tips and actions for 30 June.

*** This is a special Captain's Table with the opportunity to bring your finance person or another senior colleague at NO CHARGE***


Don't miss this golden opportunity to set your business up for success – register now and secure your spot!

Additional Revenue Streams For Recruiters

Facilitated Group Discussion: Tony Hall, Navigator Consulting


Please join us for another Captain's Table session packed full of ideas to boost revenues in a fast-changing market.

Most professional services firms build strong and exclusive client relationships with multiple service offerings - a great model for recruitment firms to follow.

The collective input of up to 30 senior recruitment leaders will uncover ground-breaking ideas to build recurring revenue streams from a much more loyal client base which will significantly improve long-term profitability and business value.


Our interactive group discussion will uncover:

- How to keep building temp/contract revenues

- How to build strong client relationships to earn Trusted Advisor Status

- What parts of the HR, recruitment and onboarding process clients struggle with

- What additional services could recruiters offer which add value and repeat revenues

- How to position and market additional service offerings.

Please BOOK early as seats are limited due to room capacity.


How ChatGPT Could Revolutionise Recruitment (Sold Out)

Captain's Table - for recruitment owners and senior leaders in person Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Please join us for a session packed full of ideas to better understand the rapidly evolving world of AI and ChatGPT and how it can maximise recruitment business performance. 

Super-charge your recruitment processes, marketing, blogs, candidate matching, PD's, job ads and much more.

Save huge amounts of time and money. Our presentation and peer discussion will cover:

- What is ChatGPT?
- ChatGPT vs Google
- What is ChatGPT best at?
- What are ChatGPT's limitations?
- Some fun questions to ask ChatGPT
- Practical ChatGPT applications
- Examples of how ChatGPT could revolutionise recruitment
- How ChatGPT can save recruiters time and money and make more placements
- What’s next in the world of AI for recruitment

And much more…


You can't afford to miss out on this Captain's Table session. Tickets are low cost with profits to The Australian Red Cross.

Recruitment Tech We Love in 2023


Please join us for our NO CHARGE monthly Captain's Table Recruitment Leader's Meeting with special guest presenters recruitment firm owners Jason Elias FRCSA and James Harman Harmon.

Live in Sydney - JobAdder Event Space level 1, 10 Bond St, Sydney

Livestream Melbourne - *** NEW VENUE *** Slade Group, Level 10, 333 Collins St, Melbourne

Livestream Brisbane - William Buck Offices, Level 22, 307 Queens St, Brisbane


It is vitally important to stay on top of practical recruitment technology to enable your firm to operate efficiently and effectively while staying one tech-step ahead of your clients and candidates.

- Over 20 recruitment apps/programs which can help provide your company with a real competitive advantage

- Practical demonstrations of technology that really works and is not just a fad


- How to use this technology to stay ahead of clients and candidates


- Ideas to improve your client and candidate experience and efficiency


- Using technology to maximise productivity for remote working and the candidate shortage


- Tech covering Productivity, Sourcing, Proposals, Passwords, Reference Checking, Advertising, Finance, Marketing and much more.


(A copy of the presentation and recording is included to ensure your business is utilising some of the best tech currently available for recruitment agencies.


Kindly supported by APositive Workforce Finance, DigitPro Bookkeeping & Consulting, The Ayers Group, JobAdder and William Buck)

The REAL State Of The Recruitment Industry

After the very successful panel webinar held in 2021, Captain's Table will again host five leading recruitment industry suppliers who interact with hundreds of recruitment agencies and are able to offer unique insights into the current and future state of our industry.


This level of market intelligence has not previously been available to recruitment leaders.

*** Please REPLY early as this valuable session will fill up fast. ***

Our senior industry CEO-level panellists will cover:

- Overall state of the current recruitment market from their very unique perspective

- Which segments are buoyant and which are struggling

- What some of the best recruitment firms are doing to achieve record results

- Areas of operations firms are finding challenging and what they are doing about it

- What their company data and experience is showing about future recruitment industry trends for the next 6-12 months

Meet your senior industry panellists with many years of recruitment industry experience and market knowledge:

Danny Marlow, CEO, APositive

Chantell Neale, Sales Director, The Ayers Group

Michael Yarrow, MD, DigitPro

Cameron Martin, Director, William Buck

Martin Herbst, CEO, JobAdder

Innovative Candidate Sourcing Brainstorm
Captain's Table Sydney and Melbourne

- for recruitment owners and senior leaders.

We are currently experiencing one of the toughest talent shortages of all time. With low levels of immigration, record numbers of job openings and high levels of demand creating a significant challenge for recruitment firms.

At this month's Captain's Table we will draw on the collective knowledge of industry leaders and peers to uncover key solutions to the talent shortage and lack of talent mobility.

Join us to discuss and brainstorm the following topics:

1. Snapshot of the current recruitment market
2. Dynamics still driving the talent shortage
3. Strategies for addressing current market conditions
4. What we can do differently to most recruitment companies
5. Flipping the recruitment model from a client to candidate focus
6. Building stronger relationships with talent at all career stages
Please join us for a low cost valuable session of brainstorming and networking.

Career Lessons Learned

Nikki Beaumont, CEO & Founder Beaumont People

July 2022 Captain's Table - for recruitment owners and senior leaders.

Please join us for our July session packed full of ideas and inspiration from award-winning Beaumont People's Founder - Nikki Beaumont.
Nikki will share with us:

- Her entry into the industry and recruitment career so far

- An overview of her award-winning firm Beaumont People

- How she established a unique recruitment firm in Sydney then in Byron Bay and Gold Coast

- The challenges of building and growing a recruitment company

- How her firm fostered strong relationships for long term recurring new business opportunities

- Staff attraction, retention and performance strategies that are vital for growth and success

- How her firm is addressing the current talent shortage

- The future of recruitment and how agencies can deliver more value to clients and candidates.

Maximising The Value Of Your Recruitment Business & Critical EOFY Actions.
Guest Presenters: William Buck Directors Angela Jeffrey (Brisbane) Lloyd McGeary (Melbourne) and Cameron Martin (Sydney)
Please join us for a session packed full of ideas to maximise business value and performance plus critical actions recruitment firms should take before the end of financial year.
The in-person session in three states will cover:
- Economic & Industry Insights
- How to capitalise on current opportunities
- Valuation of your recruitment business
- Tips on how to improve your business value
- What the process of a business sale looks like
- Who is a potential buyer and how to target them?
- Tax structures to suit the sale of your business
- EOFY Tax Planning – critical actions to take


Don't miss the content and networking at this month's Captain's Table session. Tickets are low cost with a copy of the presentation included.


Please book early as this valuable session will sell out fast.

How To Use Job Data to Win Customers
& Place More Candidates

For the first time you will have access to very valuable and detailed market share data. 
Only 29% or all jobs are advertised by recruitment companies. There is a tremendous opportunity to increase market share.
Recent recruitment industry start-up Web Rover can report on every advertised job (from job boards and company sites) and every employer in your area of specialisation, delivered to you automatically. This will save you time, money and generate significant new revenue opportunities.
Our presenter is Web Rover founder, Saxon Huggins is  a former recruitment business owner and now a leading industry technologist.
You will learn How To:
1. Identify trends and opportunities in the job market
2. Target every customer who hires in your specialisation
3. Automate the delivery of job leads to consultants
4. Automate matching candidates to jobs and visa versa
5. Coach your consultants to better results
6. Activate digital marketing to generate inbound enquiry
And much more…
Includes copy of presentation and recording.

New Secrets Of Finding and Training Your Own Recruiters 
Captain's Table - for recruitment owners and senior leaders.
Growing your recruitment business by hiring experienced recruiters is difficult and risky for so many reasons. Even experienced rec-to-recs are struggling to source quality consultants.
Experienced consultant recruiter and trainer Adele Last will share her learnings from working with agencies around Australia, outlining her methods and will challenge your thoughts on what it takes to find, train and recruit new talent.
*** You will learn about:
- The formula for bringing new talent to you agency
- Secrets you need to build talent in your agency
- Shared Learnings from the Recruiter Creator
- A model to create your own recruiters
- Things you didn't know, but should, about training recruiters.
Includes copy of presentation and recording.
Many thanks to supporters APositive Workforce FinanceWilliam BuckThe Ayers GroupDigitPro Bookkeeping & ConsultingJobAdder - Recruitment Software.

2022 Business Planning For Your Best Year In Recruitment

High Impact 1.5-HR Workshop For 2022 Success
Don't miss our hard-hitting first Captain's Table of 2022 - it could be the most valuable session you will attend this year.


Personally facilitated live by Tony Hall, Navigator Consulting - recruitment industry management consultant, researcher, recruiter and past agency owner.


*** Special Combined Captain's and Consultant's Table  - For ALL Owners, Managers and Consultants ***

This is a fully facilitated workshop to develop a succinct ONE PAGE 2022 Business Plan for BOTH business leaders and individual consultants. It is packed with ideas to maximise business and recruitment performance.

There has been lots of research to show that a well constucted recruitment industry specific Business Plan can DOUBLE the probability of achieving your business and personal goals. This could be the most important webinar you attend in 2022!


A logically constructed Summary Business Plan will:

  • Dramatically improve your 2022 personal and business performance

  • Identify your most important critical goals

  • Set clear actions to achieve those goals

  • Identify the 5 critical success factors of recruitment success

  • Improve your focus and mental health

  • Motivate you and your colleagues to maximise another big year

  • Hold yourself accountable to succeed beyond business as usual

  • Ensure you have a well defined plan to make 2022 your best year yet


Our workshop will give you many ideas for increased performance this year and guide your through developing a proven One Page 2022 Business Plan for Owners/Managers and Consultants.


Feedback from last year's Business Planning session  "It was a great session, and my colleague and I have been buzzing about it ever since."

Business Plan image 2020.jpeg

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Threats To The Recruitment Industry (and what we can do about them)

Staff Engagement and Employee Value Proposition

Building Sustainable, High-performance Teams

And Many more...

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