By Tony Hall, Navigator Consulting

Practising what I preach to owners of recruitment companies, I have secured my own highly experienced industry advisor Greg Roworth to help me further improve my management consulting and marketing skills. I have just completed session 5 of his Strategic Marketing Course which covers Using LinkedIn To Acquire New Clients.

As a mentor and advisor on business growth and improvement services to the recruitment industry I am connected to over 4000 owners and directors and subsequently see all their LinkedIn posts.

Unfortunately, so much of what I see is mostly self-serving and more suited to Facebook as it has no relevance or use to their target markets – which are clients and candidates.

We need to remind ourselves, there is a difference between social media and social business media.

It needs to be said that sharing cheesy photos alongside:

“Just at our long lunch on the water celebrating a record quarter”

” we are humbled and excited to be (self) nominated for an award “(with only 10 entrants)

” we are so proud Johnny/Patty have been a such a loyal member of our team” (for one year)

“my inspiration comes from Fido who enjoys working at home on my lap”

“cookies and donuts for us all today as we celebrate national diabetes awareness week”

You may not know it, but these captions and awkward photos cause considerable eye-rolling and even anger from by clients who are waiting patiently for candidates that match their urgent brief or candidates who are out of work due to no fault of their own and desperately need employment to pay the mortgage – yet still have not heard from the recruiter who is out long lunching.

These sort of posts are best for your internal not external social media channels.

Greg’s course steps us through his well thought out process of credible client engagement on LinkedIn:

  • Make connections with ideal clients
  • Build relationships with them
  • Educate them
  • Make them offers
  • Become the authority to them

Our research over the years proves that clients do not want the fluff – they just want quality staff in a timely manner at a fair price and candidates just want secure their ideal job. Posts such as the above may make you and your staff feel acknowledged but they have the reverse effect on the people you are there to serve.

I encourage you to put yourself in your client or candidate’s shoes.

What can you post on LinkedIn that is actually useful to them and establishes you as a trusted authority people want to work with ?

Please comment with your best ideas to help inspire our industry to share USEFUL content on LinkedIn.

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