Nobody knows when the next recession will strike but the actions required to prepare for a possible downturn will also improve current profit and performance.

1.   Create and communicate clear short, medium and long-term business plans
2.   Minimise high discretionary spending
3.   Reduce low return fixed costs
4.   Increase client care and cement long-term relationships
5.   Ensure staff performance and training is fully maximised
6.   Politely release poor performing staff, candidates and clients
7.   Don’t lock into high long-term high cost rental agreements
8.   Focus on high value clients and assignments
9.   Build temp, contract and services revenue
10. Reduce non performing contingent permanent work

For 20 years Navigator Consulting has helped advise many growing Australian recruitment companies. We have owned, run and started agencies and learned so many ways to build a high performing recruitment company. Our new Recruitment Business Accelerator Program encapsulates 20 years of experience growing successful recruitment companies and combines many ideas about building a practical Business Performance Plan which helps owners achieve their goals faster and more efficiently.

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