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Australian Government Tax Incentive For Process Improvement – Research & Development

Many recruitment firms are now re-thinking the traditional growth model of adding 360 degree consultants who are harder to even to attract and retain.

One of the smartest growth strategies is to re-engineer your client and candidate delivery model and split your team into sales, account management and resourcing – both offshore and onshore.

The Australian Government is providing generous tax rebates (money back not just a deduction) of up to 43.5% of eligible Research & Development spending for activities for Australian companies such as:

– process or client delivery improvement
– new product/service development
– experimental business activities with unknown outcomes
– activities leading to the generation of new knowledge

Navigator Consulting is experienced in a registered Australian Research Organisation successfully applying for Government Funding and has 20 years of recruitment industry research and development experience.

Previous projects have included:

An objective digital reference checking product that complies with Privacy Laws

Transformation of a 360 degree recruitment model into a multi-layered sales, account management and resourcing structure

Re-engineering a firms new market entry strategy using intensive initial research

Transforming the recruitment resourcing role into a balance of offshore and onshore to free up senior staff to focus more on sales and adding new onshore staff

Back office efficiency improvement research to provide faster and error free payment of contractors and faster collection of debtors

If you are looking to transform and grow your recruitment firm to maximise profit and performance, please CONTACT US for a confidential discussion on how we can guide you through the Government eligibility and funding criteria.

Our consulting costs are fully covered by the program.

You can read more on our information sheet here.

Research Development Tax Rebates

Recruitment Industry Business Confidence Index

The Recruitment Industry Business Confidence Index provides useful data and market trends for recruitment firms keen to stay ahead and strive for industry best practice. The Index comprises growth expectations for staffing, revenues and profits plus an insightful summary of critical industry issues.

The data collection form only takes a few minutes to complete and aggregated results will be confidentially shared with all subscribers at no charge.

Low Cost, High Impact Research

Our fully customised, low cost research solutions include:

  •  Client Satisfaction Surveys – survey 100 of your clients to gain insights into market share, company performance, competitors and areas for growth.
  •  Candidate Satisfaction Surveys – discover how to appeal to and source candidates in talent-short or difficult markets.
  •  Employee Satisfaction Surveys – identify areas of dissatisfaction and performance improvement in your business.
  •  Salary Surveys – an opportunity to add value to clients and candidates and re-sell the final report to clients for an additional revenue stream.

Our core low-cost research surveys available are:

  1. Client Satisfaction Survey – the ultimate marketing and feedback tool
  2. Candidate Satisfaction Survey – best for improving communication and efficiency
  3. Staff Satisfaction Survey – critical for staff retention and attraction
  4. Recruitment Industry Performance Report – dozens of important benchmarks
  5. Recruitment Industry Business Confidence Index – useful and current management tool
  6. First Interview (the book) – Success Secrets of Australia’s Top Recruiters.