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Navigator Executive Introductions

Navigator Executive Introductions

To further help our clients grow, Navigator is often approached by senior leaders and big billers – Senior Consultants, BDM’s, Team Leaders, Divisional Managers, CFO’s, GM’s and State Managers in the $100K to $300K salary range looking for advice on quality firms to approach for their next role.

Navigator utilises a comprehensive Best Practice 50-point introduction process perfected over the past 20 years of consulting to and working with numerous leading recruitment firms.

Navigator Consulting is a business growth consulting company and not a headhunter.

Recruitment Process and Methodology

The main areas of our executive introduction process within the 50 steps include:

  1. Fully understanding client business, cultural and staffing requirements
  2. Mapping the market to establish a long list of possible candidates
  3. Assessing candidate suitability via CV, phone and interview screening
  4. Presenting shortlisted candidates to client
  5. Ensuring the expectations and skills of both candidate and client match
  6. Thorough qualitative and quantitative reference checks and testing if required
  7. Managing the offer and acceptance process
  8. Checking the hired candidate is professionally onboarded

Quality Control and Governance

In addition to its comprehensive 50 step process, Navigator Consulting is Recruitment Industry Best Practice Certified which gives clients and candidates the security of working with an accredited quality executive recruitment company. Recruitment Industry Best Practice Certification is an audited comprehensive standard similar to Quality Assurance but recruitment industry specific which requires a very high level of process and client/candidate standards.

Our recruitment technology is always at the leading edge and our consultants and researchers are very experienced, well trained and further developed on a weekly basis.

Offshore Resourcing Support at a fraction of the cost

With constant margin pressures and everyone trying to do more with less, many recruitment businesses are looking to mimimise costs and reduce the burden on their consultants. One avenue to achieve this quickly is to consider offshore resourcing.

Offshore resourcing has the dual benefit of dramatically reducing cost while increasing the service your senior people can provide to fee paying clients.

For the price of one local resource, recruitment firms can hire four very experienced offshore resources and focus your business spend on more revenue generating staff.

Save money, boost profits, grow faster, reduce staff turnover, support your existing consultants to bill more.

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