I have recently been looking at recruiter job ads on Seek to see how well agencies are presenting themselves during tougher times. Unfortunately, the quality of ads I have seen are very poor and unlikely to attract many quality, active or passive candidates.

I really care how potential client companies perceive our industry – many recruitment agencies are making us look unprofessional by posting low quality, poorly written and badly presented job ads.

Here is what I have seen:

– spelling mistakes

– typos

– poor grammar

– no detail of client company

– no benefits

– no location

– no enthusiasm

– no warmth

– vague role descriptions

– no branding

– lack of format consistency

– no compelling reason to apply

– no way to personally contact the recruiter

If you take a moment to start looking at ads in your recruitment specialisation and your own team’s ads, you will quickly see examples of what I am talking about.

Poor job ads lead to a rapid decline in brand reputation and lack of quality candidates to place or reverse market. Ineffective ads will also compel clients to advertise themselves as they do not trust the professionalism of agency recruiters. Our past industry research shows that agencies have only 30% share of the recruitment market with 70% conducted by companies themselves. This is because companies believe they can recruit better and for whatever reason do not see value or have trust in agencies to recruit for them.

Badly presented job ads also mean your consultants are wasting time and resources attracting candidates less likely to be placed. Your consultants will get flooded with unqualified candidates, miss the best candidates, and not attract the best qualified people ideal for presentation to clients.  This can dramatically affect the performance and profitability of your business especially in a tough and competitive market.

If you believe there is room for improvement in your team’s ad writing, please contact me for a quick no-charge audit of your current advertising and some additional market-leading ideas to quickly make changes to ensure your business maximises every one of your very valuable current client requirements.

By Tony Hall, Founder Navigator Consulting

22 years of owning, managing and inspiring recruitment companies to improve and grow.

E: th@navigatorconsult.com  M: 0419 213 000