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No doubt you recently read about the cafe owner who spent hundreds of dollars of advertising and can’t find any staff.

Yes, with borders closed and talent hesitant to move jobs, competition for quality talent is as fierce as ever.

However, it is now more important than ever to write compelling job ads to appeal to both active and passive candidates.

I went on to Seek to view the aforementioned cafe owner’s job and saw that it was a simple list of open positions such as waiter, barista etc.

There was no sign of:

– a company description

– an explanation of role requirements

– experience required

– the benefits of working in that business – so important

– any form or sizzle that would prompt interest

– contact details and a call to action

No wonder there was no response. No fault of the job market.

In a talent short market the job ad needs to be enthusiastic and sell both the business and the role.

Please go onto Seek and look at how even some of our most respected companies fail to follow the simple ad writing formula above and fail to inject any enthusiasm into their job advertising. You will see some shockers that are a waste of money and actually detract people from applying.

They are bound to attract limited or substandard active applicants and get ignored by high quality passive candidates looking for their next career move.

For more on Job Ad Writing please contact us for a copy of Adele Last’s recent Consultant’s Table presentation – Why Job Ads Are Not Working and How to Fix It.


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