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For a while now I have been talking about how the traditional 360 recruitment model makes it difficult to grow due to the shortage of reliable, high performing recruitment consultants.

Finding 360 recruiters who are good at selling, recruitment, resourcing and admin is a very challenging task. All our clients are telling us good ones are near impossible to find. The best recruiters do not move around and are usually treated well by their existing employers who are keen to retain them.

You may have seen the slightly controversial article I wrote awhile back – The 360 Model Is Broken (And 12 Solutions to Fix It)

The US market has always split its recruitment teams into business developers, account managers, recruiters and (offshore) resourcers. This approach makes it easier for firms to source administrators, client service, recruiters and sales people.

Now more than ever, it makes sense to grow and support your existing team through the appointment of experienced offshore staff. Even my highly conservative friends running accounting and law firms are leveraging offshore staff to provide faster service and more efficient use of their time and costs.

With so many staff now working from home full or part-time, there is almost no difference to them working from the next suburb or from a country in a similar time zone. The big difference is cost.

Overseas workers are often highly experienced and have spent many years working remotely for US and European companies at a fraction of the cost of higher paid domestic workers who may or may not perform productively from home.

Here is our list of the Top 20 Benefits Of Offshore Staffing

1. Free up your existing recruiters to spend more time in front of clients and candidates and make more placements 2. Less expensive wastage of high salaried staff working on repetitive low skill tasks 3. Increase staff retention by offering your best people offshore support 4. Avoid the risk of poor client or candidate service because your team is too busy 5. Boost efficiencies and productivity to improve your job to placement ratio 6. Improve your unsuccessful candidate placement ratio for additional revenue 7. Have your high cost stars spend less time searching and more time placing 8. Map new markets to diversify and better cover your specialities 9. Ensure you have strong e-relationships with all the best candidates in your sector/verticals 10. Keep your database current and growing to reduce reliance on expensive ads 11. Make sure social media posts are regular, relevant and professional 12. If offshore staff are off work they do not require payment – they get paid for actual hours worked 13. You can change an offshore staff member in a short time-frame at no cost 14. Many offshore staff have over 15 years recruitment and marketing experience 15. Offshore marketing or sourcing assistance pays for itself very quickly many times over 16. Philippines workers are very experienced, respectful, well educated and hard working 17. Many firms (even conservative accountants) leverage offshore teams for better efficiencies 18. With modern SAS (software as a service) your team can work from anywhere in the world 19. High cost of premises and turnover of local staff can waste many thousands of dollars 20. The lower wage cost means return on investment in an offshore team is very fast.

Offshore staff from the Philippines are highly experienced recruitment professionals who are keen to work with Australian companies at around 1/4 of the local staff cost without the extra cost of sick leave, workplace disputes, holiday pay, long notice periods and superannuation payments. They are loyal, honest, reliable and rarely take sick days.

Some of the best tasks we recommend outsourcing to your offshore team include:

– New market mapping – Candidate sourcing – Database cleansing and updating – Candidate pre-screening – Candidate/consultant interview setting – Formatting CV’s – Reference checks for junior roles – Expanding candidate and client networks – Repetitive social media and email marketing tasks – Repetitive admin tasks that don’t justify a full-time local headcount

If you have not already, I encourage you to talk with our alliance partner Maya Davis in Melbourne.

Maya is originally from the Philippines and has worked in the Australian recruitment market for over 15 years. She has a huge network of quality staff wanting to work on very cost effective contract rates.

Maya does not charge a recruitment or performance management fee, handles all the payroll tasks and sends her Australian recruitment clients a monthly invoice with a small margin for her work.

If you would like to see our Business Case For Offshore please reply, or to talk with Maya about how offshore staff can assist your business.

Please contact her:

Maya Davis CForce Global Website Here M: 0405 136 291 E:

I have personally worked with Maya for many years and cannot recommend her services more highly. Many of our current and past clients have been very pleased with her offshore staffing services.

Feel free to make contact with me anytime to discuss building an enjoyable and high performing recruitment company.


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