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Employers increasing uptake of offshoring model

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From Shortlist Industry news & market intelligence, In-house recruitment Australian employers are overcoming misgivings about offshoring and are moving towards solutions that include a mix of talent models, says the head of Alexander…

Shortlist Reports: Is The 360 Recruitment Model Broken?

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From Shortlist: Thursday 04 October 2018 2:47pm Recruitment's shift away from employing 'outdated' 360-degree consultants is potentially the most important transformation the industry will face, according to an advisor. The…

No wonder it is difficult to find quality new staff

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Unemployment Down - Job Vacancies Up = Staff Shortages Australia's unemployment rate is close to a 10 year low of 5.4%. It is often argued we are actually close to full employment because a large portion of this group choose to remain unemployed…