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Recruitment Leaders Falling Short In Key Planning Areas

From Shortlist 30 August 2018 Recruitment agency leaders are meticulous around developing budgets and financial plans, as well as measuring consultant activity, but more work is needed to improve performance across all areas of the business, new research shows. The Recruitment Industry Business Confidence Index survey (RIBCIX), run by Navigator Consulting MD Tony Hall, reveals many leaders are falling […]

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360 Recruiter Model Is Broken (And 12 Solutions To Fix It)

By Tony Hall, Managing Director, Navigator Consulting Great recruiters who bill well and stay for many years are now rare as hen’s teeth. They are unlikely to move from a profitable and happy desk which they probably built themselves over considerable time. Next step for them is promotion into a director role or starting their […]

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Recruitment Leaders Forecasting Massive Growth

From Shortlist, Wednesday 22 August 2018 Agency leadership, Research, analysis & reports Recruitment leaders across the board are reporting record financial results, with staffing challenges the primary obstacle to realising further growth predictions, new research shows. Some 76% of agencies expect to grow net revenue (after temp and contractor costs) by at least 10–20% in […]

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In-house threat growing for agencies

From Shortlist Wednesday 25 July 2018 The biggest threat to the recruitment industry is the increasing number of employers bringing recruitment in-house, and emerging technology is the additional impetus for making agencies the second option, an industry advisor says. At a recent Captain’s Table event, chaired by Navigator Consulting CEO Tony Hall, agency leaders gathered […]

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Recruitment Industry Staff Turnover Now 50%

Staff Turnover Now 50%! Recruitment firms are turning over HALF their team every year! Australian staffing companies with 21 to 40 employees are replacing almost half of their team every year, according to data released by RIBreport and APositive. This is a staggering waste of money, time, resources and mental health for all involved. In 20 years […]

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The 4 Reasons Agency Recruiting Trumps Corporate Recruiting EVERY TIME

OCTOBER 18, 2016 BY WILL THOMSON For seven years I enjoyed the comfortable, predictable and somewhat steady life of an in-house recruiter, which, let’s face it, had its advantages.  Candidates came to me, positions just landed in my lap, and I actually got to interact with the hiring manager and internal stakeholders to inform and influence […]

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Why Offshoring Is A Smart Idea

By Tony Hall, Navigator Consulting Offshore resourcing has the dual benefit of dramatically reducing cost while increasing the service your senior people can provide to fee paying clients. For the price of one local resourcer, recruitment firms can hire four very experienced offshore resourcers and allow your business to add more revenue generating staff. 1 […]