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Legal Pitfalls

From Shortlist reporting on Captain’s Table – 5 Legal Pitfalls Inadequate and inarticulate terms of business are the chief source of disputes and disagreements with clients, according to a legal advisor. It may “seem pretty basic”, but the actual terms of business – what recruiters do and get paid for – are not articulated very […]

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10 Questions To Determine The Health Of Recruitment Businesses

An industry advisor has developed a new checklist to help agency leaders assess their business’s performance and highlight early warning signs of distress. From Shortlist March 2019 Navigator Consulting MD Tony Hall created the 10-question survey to help leaders identify specific areas where there is room for improvement, and recognise potential problems early. With sustained […]

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Technology hype blinds leaders to marketing Return On Investment

Technology hype blinds leaders to marketing ROI From Shortlist Recruitment leaders are wasting too much money and effort on marketing that doesn’t align with their business fundamentals, often blindly following trends that deliver little or no return on investment, according to an industry advisor. “Technology is a really easy way to get caught up in […]

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Shortlist Reports: Is The 360 Recruitment Model Broken?

From Shortlist: Thursday 04 October 2018 2:47pm Recruitment’s shift away from employing ‘outdated’ 360-degree consultants is potentially the most important transformation the industry will face, according to an advisor. The 360 model is broken, and has been for some time, says Navigator Consulting MD Tony Hall. “It’s really time to start looking at different options.” Good 360 recruiters […]

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Recruitment Leaders Falling Short In Key Planning Areas

From Shortlist 30 August 2018 Recruitment agency leaders are meticulous around developing budgets and financial plans, as well as measuring consultant activity, but more work is needed to improve performance across all areas of the business, new research shows. The Recruitment Industry Business Confidence Index survey (RIBCIX), run by Navigator Consulting MD Tony Hall, reveals many leaders are falling […]

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360 Recruiter Model Is Broken (And 12 Solutions To Fix It)

By Tony Hall, Managing Director, Navigator Consulting Great recruiters who bill well and stay for many years are now rare as hen’s teeth. They are unlikely to move from a profitable and happy desk which they probably built themselves over considerable time. Next step for them is promotion into a director role or starting their […]

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Recruitment Leaders Forecasting Massive Growth

From Shortlist, Wednesday 22 August 2018 Agency leadership, Research, analysis & reports Recruitment leaders across the board are reporting record financial results, with staffing challenges the primary obstacle to realising further growth predictions, new research shows. Some 76% of agencies expect to grow net revenue (after temp and contractor costs) by at least 10–20% in […]

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In-house threat growing for agencies

From Shortlist Wednesday 25 July 2018 The biggest threat to the recruitment industry is the increasing number of employers bringing recruitment in-house, and emerging technology is the additional impetus for making agencies the second option, an industry advisor says. At a recent Captain’s Table event, chaired by Navigator Consulting CEO Tony Hall, agency leaders gathered […]