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Temp Recruitment Could Be Suffocating Your Business

  After launching our Recruitment Business Accelerator Program which encapsulates all our years of owning, managing and consulting to many recruitment companies – we had a financial epiphany. One of the companies participating in the program shared their P&L with us so we could analyse and advise on their temp margins. After bringing in industry […]

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6 Ways A Cost-Effective Advisory Board Can Further Improve Your Recruitment Business

One of the more common issues affecting owner-operators of small and medium sized (SME) recruitment firms is the lack of a sounding board for new ideas, structured business planning, accountability for performance and the myriad of ever-present management issues. It can be quite isolating at the top for owners who do not have the support […]

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The Undisputed Benefits Of Business Planning

Following our well-attended Captain’s Table Workshop this month – Business Planning For Success we have but together a summary of the benefits of Business Planning. This is perhaps the most important activity a business should regularly spend time on. We have accelerated the planning process into a compelling ONE Page Business Plan to significantly improve […]

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Unsigned Business Terms Leaving Agencies Exposed

From Shortlist – November 2019 Unsigned business terms leaving agencies exposed CV “flicking” and presenting candidates to clients without signed terms of business continues to expose recruitment businesses to significant risk of disputes, a legal advisor says. Clients generally don’t sign terms of business, which is a key pain point for recruiters when they’re aiming […]

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Consultant performance measured by flawed metric

  From Shortlist Agency leadership, Industry news & market intelligence, Managing recruiters Many recruitment leaders are still measuring consultants’ performance based on billings and ignoring more valid metrics, according an industry advisor. “Billing benchmarks don’t really tell you a lot, it’s really activity benchmarks that lead to making a placement that are most valuable,” says […]

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TOP 10 Benefits Of Business Planning

A practical Business Plan with goals, milestones and actions is critical to the successful growth and improvement of an industry leading recruitment agency. Create and communicate clear short, medium and long-term goals Proven probability of increased success Enjoy clarity from a succinct plan Maximise short term profitability Build long term business value Improve current business […]

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TOP 10 Actions To Prepare For A Downturn

Nobody knows when the next recession will strike but the actions required to prepare for a possible downturn will also improve current profit and performance. 1.   Create and communicate clear short, medium and long-term business plans 2.   Minimise high discretionary spending 3.   Reduce low return fixed costs 4.   Increase client care and cement long-term relationships […]