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Time To Upgrade Your Accountant?

Most of my work now is helping owners of recruitment businesses to clearly define their business goals then meet with them monthly to ensure they implement agreed actions on the path to growth, succession or exit. It is so important to have reliable, regular financial reports to measure progress and track performance and efficiencies. Unfortunately, […]

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Top agencies embracing hybrid sourcing, but most below par

From Shortlist October 2021, Captain’s Table Meeting Presenters. While top-tier agencies are taking a “hybrid approach” to talent sourcing, many are still failing to maximise readily available tech capabilities, says JobAdder CEO Martin Herbst. He notes the biggest challenge currently facing the industry is sourcing quality candidates, combined with dwindling applications per job and rising […]

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Staff Hard To Find? Fact Or Fiction?

No doubt you recently read about the cafe owner who spent hundreds of dollars of advertising and can’t find any staff. Yes, with borders closed and talent hesitant to move jobs, competition for quality talent is as fierce as ever. However, it is now more important than ever to write compelling job ads to appeal […]

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Recruitment Leaders’ Business Planning Steps Up In 2021

From Shortlist Industry Journal, Tuesday, 19 January 2021 Recruitment leaders’ business plans for 2021 involve preparing for the worst while operating for the best, with more modest goals and far greater focus on contingencies, a leadership consultant says. “This year, we don’t know what’s coming, so we need a business planning structure that’s very flexible,” […]

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LinkedIn “isn’t what it used to be”; marketing focus shifts to company sites

Captain’s Table November 2020 – From Shortlist – Thursday 26 November 2020 11:30am The next evolution of recruitment marketing will see company websites play a much bigger role, and face-to-face events become a strategic goldmine as pandemic restrictions ease, specialists say. “Often when we’re speaking to recruitment agencies, we hear comments that clients already have […]


Pandemic has “wiped out” a decade of recruitment industry growth

From Shortlist, Thursday 03 September 2020  Captain’s Table Guest Speaker – Jason Aravanis, IBISWorld Australia Revenue has decreased by 11% across the Australian staffing sector in the past financial year, according to new research that also forecasts the rate of growth until FY26. Figures from IBISWorld Australia show the revenue drop represents $4.4 billion in sales, says […]

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Quality Of Agency Job Ads Embarrassing And Losing You Clients

  I have recently been looking at recruiter job ads on Seek to see how well agencies are presenting themselves during tougher times. Unfortunately, the quality of ads I have seen are very poor and unlikely to attract many quality, active or passive candidates. I really care how potential client companies perceive our industry – many […]