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Recruitment Leaders’ Business Planning Steps Up In 2021

From Shortlist Industry Journal, Tuesday, 19 January 2021 Recruitment leaders’ business plans for 2021 involve preparing for the worst while operating for the best, with more modest goals and far greater focus on contingencies, a leadership consultant says. “This year, we don’t know what’s coming, so we need a business planning structure that’s very flexible,” […]

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LinkedIn “isn’t what it used to be”; marketing focus shifts to company sites

Captain’s Table November 2020 – From Shortlist – Thursday 26 November 2020 11:30am The next evolution of recruitment marketing will see company websites play a much bigger role, and face-to-face events become a strategic goldmine as pandemic restrictions ease, specialists say. “Often when we’re speaking to recruitment agencies, we hear comments that clients already have […]


Pandemic has “wiped out” a decade of recruitment industry growth

From Shortlist, Thursday 03 September 2020  Captain’s Table Guest Speaker – Jason Aravanis, IBISWorld Australia Revenue has decreased by 11% across the Australian staffing sector in the past financial year, according to new research that also forecasts the rate of growth until FY26. Figures from IBISWorld Australia show the revenue drop represents $4.4 billion in sales, says […]

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Quality Of Agency Job Ads Embarrassing And Losing You Clients

  I have recently been looking at recruiter job ads on Seek to see how well agencies are presenting themselves during tougher times. Unfortunately, the quality of ads I have seen are very poor and unlikely to attract many quality, active or passive candidates. I really care how potential client companies perceive our industry – many […]

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Your LinkedIn Post Could Be Offensive

By Tony Hall, Navigator Consulting Practising what I preach to owners of recruitment companies, I have secured my own highly experienced industry advisor Greg Roworth to help me further improve my management consulting and marketing skills. I have just completed session 5 of his Strategic Marketing Course which covers Using LinkedIn To Acquire New Clients. […]

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Temp Recruitment Could Be Suffocating Your Business

  After launching our Recruitment Business Accelerator Program which encapsulates all our years of owning, managing and consulting to many recruitment companies – we had a financial epiphany. One of the companies participating in the program shared their P&L with us so we could analyse and advise on their temp margins. After bringing in industry […]

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6 Ways A Cost-Effective Advisory Board Can Further Improve Your Recruitment Business

One of the more common issues affecting owner-operators of small and medium sized (SME) recruitment firms is the lack of a sounding board for new ideas, structured business planning, accountability for performance and the myriad of ever-present management issues. It can be quite isolating at the top for owners who do not have the support […]

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The Undisputed Benefits Of Business Planning

Following our well-attended Captain’s Table Workshop this month – Business Planning For Success we have but together a summary of the benefits of Business Planning. This is perhaps the most important activity a business should regularly spend time on. We have accelerated the planning process into a compelling ONE Page Business Plan to significantly improve […]