Most people spend a significant proportion of their waking hours at work or at least thinking about work. This is even more so for those who are owners or at a senior level within any business. The recruitment industry is no exception.

Having had a few weeks myself to relax and recharge over the Christmas break, I am filled with energy and excited for another year. I had a wonderful holiday with my family and was enjoying the last few days when I was inundated with phone calls from re-charged clients. The majority however were from senior level leaders who had reflected on their current roles over the break and are now looking for new opportunities.

Many year ago we developed a simple 10 question quiz that we use when we work with recruitment owners and senior leaders. It helps us walk them through an understanding of how satisfied they are in their current role. By understanding the level of satisfaction, we can then determine a set of actions to correct any issues that may be causing it.

There are strong correlations between job dissatisfaction and both mental and physical health. While cause and effect are not always clear – they can be interlinked – this is an alarming trend that seems to be increasing based on the research into organisational behaviour. Having returned from a break full of energy and excitement- we thought we would share this quiz.

Coming back from a holiday or break and feeling unmotivated is a strong sign that something needs to change.

Take a few minutes to answer the questions honestly. Store the answers somewhere. Then think about what is causing all of your ‘Yes’ responses. Are they something that you can change? Can you talk to someone in your business about them?

If you can identify a path of action to correct all the Yes answers – put something in place to change your level of satisfaction. If you answered more Yes than No – I definitely recommend reaching out to a mentor or giving us a call.

Job Satisfaction Quiz

For owners and managers of recruitment firms (Please answer truthfully)

1. I feel stale and uninspired in my current role  (Yes/No)

2. I don’t feel challenged  (Yes/No)

3. I don’t seem to be learning anything new  (Yes/No)

4. I don’t feel my work and ideas are valued  (Yes/No)

5. I no longer spring out of bed with excitement about my work  (Yes/No)

6. Little things at work are starting to irritate me  (Yes/No)

7. I don’t have anyone good at work to mentor or support me  (Yes/No)

8. My job is affecting my mental or physical health  (Yes/No)

9. The business is declining or going sideways?  (Yes/No)

10. I am feeling unmotivated and even a pay rise wont help  (Yes/No)

Firstly, the bad news – if you scored more than 6 – Yes answers it is time you made a change

The good news – it is time to find a new job a new role or get some help to re-charge you and your business.

How We Can Help

For 20 years Navigator Consulting has helped recruitment firms grow prosper.

Former EY management consultant and company founder Tony Hall has a huge amount of experience leading, owning managing and growing recruitment firms and can quickly help you improve your job satisfaction or business performance. Tony has written two books and spoken at numerous conferences on recruitment company growth in Australia and overseas.

Next Step – Make Contact ASAP

For a no charge, no obligation and confidential conversation about your next role in the recruitment industry or as an owner – efficient ways to improve your current business and job satisfaction, feel free to make contact anytime.

Tony Hall, Managing Director, Navigator Consulting.