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Running your recruitment business can be a lonely experience. Leaders are often isolated from like-minded professionals and awareness of industry trends, new ideas and best practice.

A regular advisory board meeting is the most cost-effective way for us to share over 22 year’s of industry success secrets and help your company with important business decisions.

Since 1998, Navigator Consulting has worked closely with more than 60 recruitment business owners to provide this missing link through the facilitation of strategic planning, advisory boards and best practice benchmarking.

Some of the cost effective benefits of an Advisory Board include:

1. Access to experienced specialist expertise not otherwise available within the firm
2. Sharing of personal and professional networks
3. Increased credibility with prospective clients, investors and employees
4. Establishing accountability for individual action and progress
5. Providing a sounding board for new ideas and strategic planning
6. Enhancing the productivity and results of all team members

Key advisory board topics include:

Profitable growth strategies

Owner succession and satisfaction

Focus on what is important

Building a business for income or exit

Expansion into new markets

Competitor activity and response

Marketing strategies that work

Effective new business development tactics

Staff performance management and enhancement

Staff attraction and retention

Leadership and career development

Financial performance versus industry leaders

Benchmarking activities and financials

Quality control in operations

Accountable action planning

If you are feeling a little isolated at the top and could use a regular sounding board, consider establishing an Advisory Board – it could be one of the most valuable investments you make for long term business performance and success.

Five key tips for setting up an Advisory Board

1. Establish the purpose and objectives of the advisory board up front
2. Keep them small and include people that complement your own expertise and make sure they have extensive recruitment industry business growth experience
3. Your advisory board member should have a track record of helping many recruitment companies and not just as speaker at industry events.
4. Schedule regular meetings with a fixed agenda on a monthly basis
5. Look at the cost as a valuable investment which should repay itself many times over.

Navigator Consulting is a Recruitment Industry specialist performance advisory firm founded by former EY management consultant Tony Hall in 1998.

For over 22 years, Tony has owned and managed five agencies and advised many recruitment agency leaders on critical growth, performance and succession issues.

For a no obligation discussion on how we can help you establish a low cost, high impact advisory Board please contact Tony on th@navigatorconsult.com or M: 0419 213 000


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Next Generation Leadership Development


The recruitment industry is not well known for its career progression and leadership development.

One of the best way to increase business performance and staff retention is training and development.

Many people in the industry suddenly find themselves in leadership roles with the pressure of targets and hiring yet have never received any form of practical training. More often than not, recruiters rely on copying the behaviours of a few previous managers they have reported to – many who have also not been trained as leaders.

Some of the most important elements of a quality Leadership Development Program include:

What makes a great leader
Great leaders and why
Not everyone is should lead
Attributes of a poor leader
Role of a leader
Managing vs Leading
Leading from the front
Setting an example
Leadership styles
Getting people to follow
The little things count
Planning & strategy
Risk vs reward
Firm, fair, friendly
Building a team
Managing a team
Critical factors in team performance
Handling conflict in a team
Managing different personalities
Attracting team members
Team motivation
Team dynamics
Retaining team members
Performance management
Making tough decisions
Handling negativity
Importance of Consistency
Delegating when appropriate
Managing up and down
Handling emotions
Personal vs professional
Learning and development
Succession planning
Financial acumen
Handling change
This 6 month course is conducted over 10 x 2 hour lunchtime sessions plus preparation work for discussion before each meeting. In addition to practical course work, participants will develop their own leadership plan and identify their strengths and weaknesses to help them be better leaders.

This in-person facilitated form of learning will ensure much better knowledge retention. Participants will document key learning points on each subject area and the business owner will receive feedback on the degree of engagement and participation of each attendee.

Investment which includes materials, preparation, homework, 10 x 2 hour lunchtime sessions for up to 10 attendees in Sydney and a final participant engagement report is $8,000 plus GST (which is only $800 per person).

An investment in Leadership Development will significantly increase team performance and staff retention and pay for itself many times over.

About Tony Hall

Through his specialist consulting firm, Navigator Consulting, Tony has spent the past 19 years helping over 40 recruitment companies in Australia and New Zealand to rapidly grow and reach levels of performance significantly well above industry standards. In addition to a large amount of growth consulting and industry research, Tony has three times been a recruitment firm General Manager, CEO and a Board Member of six small, medium and large recruitment companies. Previously, he rapidly grew part-owned 33-person recruitment company Parker Bridge which was sold to Candle in 2005 and now sits on advisory boards of fast growing professional recruitment companies. Tony has trained hundreds of recruitment professionals over the past 18 years.

Testimonials – Tony Hall, Managing Director

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James Cooper, General Manager – Sydney Office at S2M Recruitment

Tony is a insightful and strong leader who truly cares about the teams he leads. He brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to leading and driving high performance teams and was instrumental in bringing the S2M business together and focusing it on a common goal. On a personal level he is a fantastic communicator and great lateral thinker who truly cares about every person in the team to get the best out of them for the business and themselves. I would highly recommend him if you are looking to transform your business and the teams within it.

August 4, 2016, James reported to Tony at S2M Recruitment

Deepa ShettyTeam Leader- IT Sales & Executive Search, Experis/ManpowerGroup

Tony joined our team at a time when the team was performing at an average level however it didn’t take long for this to change under his exemplary leadership and management skills. His incumbent market knowledge and penetration strategy coupled with his creative thinking introduced and guided the team across a number of upskilling programs helping boost our division’s budget within a short span.

August 4, 2015, Deepa reported to Tony at Experis

Nick LeminExecutive Search | Finance & Accounting Recruitment | Associate Director at Robert Walters

Tony was inspirational to work with. He was an honest and committed leader with a great commercial ability. He communicates effectively and had the ability to create and generate relationships that had purpose and meaning.

August 3, 2015, Nick reported to Tony at Experis

Pete (Panayiotis) BourisManager, Technology at S2M Digital Recruitment

Tony has a very open and honest approach to business which has served him well in maintaining such a vibrant and high performing team of recruiters. Always working to better Experis and each and every employee at all levels, for me, Tony embodies “The Manager” which we all wanted to help us progress throughout our career.

July 24, 2015, Pete (Panayiotis) reported to Tony at Experis

Tim DoreyDirector of IT at GreenBizCheck

Tony is a great leader and has been a pleasure to work with over the last 4 years. He is approachable and is a great people person.  As CEO of GreenBizCheck Tony did a fantastic job of managing the company and motivating staff to achieve goals and reach targets. Tony’s communication with staff was second to none and is great example of what managers should aspire to become.

Tony has been one of the best managers that I have had the opportunity to work with.

August 29, 2014, Tim reported to Tony at GreenBizCheck

Barry Curtis, Business Service Delivery Manager – Customer Distribution, Enterprise Application Services at Air New Zealand

Tony was appointed as NZ Regional Manager for about one year while I worked with Candle Recruitment. It was very refreshing to have an Australian manager come across to NZ on a regular basis to manage us.

From my perspective Tony was a great leader for a couple of reasons, his people and relationship management skills are outstanding. He is very approachable and incredibly fair and was quite inclusive in terms of his management style.
The second reason I enjoyed working under Tony’s leadership is because he delivered on every promise that he made to us providing us with regular updates and communicating clearly with our group.
I was quite a loss for us when he moved out of this role.

September 14, 2008, Barry worked for Tony at Candle Australia New Zealand

Lauren AdamsHead of Commercial at Australian Helicopters Pty Ltd

Tony was a great boss, always focused on results but not losing sight of the human element required to get to targets. Selling advertising for this publication was tough work and Tony kept us motivated and supported to be the best we could be.

August 10, 2008, Lauren reported to Tony at Business Sydney

Adam HodgeRegional Strategy Director (SE Asia), Octagon

Tony epitomises the entrepreneurial spirit. Always the big picture thinker, he is truly passionate about changing people’s lives through good business. Having worked alongside Tony at Navigator Consulting and also seen him operate from a client’s perspective at TCoB Recruitment and Consulting, I have nothing but the highest of praise to offer. I consider Tony a personal mentor and one of the smartest business owners I have had the good fortune to work for during my career. To this day I seek his counsel on important business and personal development matters. I have no hesitation in recommending Tony as a business owner, manager and thought leader.

August 20, 2009, Adam reported to Tony at Navigator Consulting

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