Reduce cost and dramatically improve consultant performance

With constant margin pressures and everyone trying to do more with less, many recruitment businesses are looking to mimimise costs and reduce the burden on their consultants. One avenue to achieve this quickly is to consider offshore resourcing.

Offshore resourcing has the dual benefit of dramatically reducing cost while increasing the service your senior people can provide to fee paying clients.

For the price of one local resource, recruitment firms can hire four very experienced offshore resources and focus your business spend on more revenue generating staff.



The Phillippines

The Philippines has a highly educated and well-trained recruitment workforce with perfect English skills and a very high level of technical competence.

For as little as $10 an hour – highly experienced offshore recruitment resoucers can support recruitment fee earners to spend more time in front of candidates and clients and subsequently bill more.

The average desk cost of a local resourcer including salary, superannuation, insurances, leave, incentives, sick days, desk and equipment is approximately $100,000 pa.

The average cost of an experienced offshore resource is $25,000 a year – one quarter the cost.


Adding offshore recruitment resourcers to your team is great for:

  • increasing billings
  • retaining loyal consulting staff
  • reducing the number of billing staff required
  • reducing operating costs
  • boosting productivity
  • streamlining the recruitment process
  • giving candidates and clients faster service
  • preventing clients from recruiting themselves

For many reasons – legal, communication and financial – it is very important to use an external provider to recruit and manage your offshore workforce in the Philippines.


To get the very best results from your offshore staff:

1. Make your instructions very clear and ask the person to repeat back so there is no misunderstanding
2. Writing instructions in simple English often helps
3. As these staff are not in your office you need to communicate more than usual
4. Don’t assume you are understood – keep checking their work to make sure
5. Give regular feedback so they can adjust their work to meet your requirements
6. Feedback can be a combination of written and verbal
7. Be firm, friendly and fair in your management style
8. Don’t swear or get angry and avoid slang as they will laugh politely but not understand you!
9. Ask for a quick summary email of work competed at the end of each day and a action plan to cover for the next day so you can monitor workflow and progress
10. Give encouragement, small rewards and thanks regularly, especially if the work is repetitive

Please contact us for a confidential discussion on the proven benefits of offshoring.


Get in contact with us and we will work with you and an offshore resource specialist to:

  1. Discuss your short and long term business goals
  2. Isolate which functions of your business are working and which are not
  3. Document tasks most suitable for offshoring
  4. Choose the most appropriate office model
  5. Decide on your recruitment strategy
  6. Identify tools of trade required
  7. Develop a financial business case for offshoring
  8. Design an implementation plan
  9. Prepare an ongoing management plan
To learn more about the proven benefits of offshore resourcing please  contact us for a discussion or a copy of our FREE Business Case for Offshoring document.