Captain’s Table

Captain’s Table is a professionally-facilitated forum for owners and leaders of recruitment businesses. Attendees are encouraged to share experiences and engage in discussions. As an industry knowledge group,  attendees help shape topics for monthly meetings which are developed in-line with ongoing feedback to ensure meetings are topical, interesting and useful.

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Coming Events

We will be releasing our calendar for 2019 events shortly so please check back regularly.

Highlights from past events

November 2018 – The new business case for offshoring

It is time to take another look at offshore resourcing. At our last meeting, we discussed the broken 360 recruitment model. There was significant interest in utilising offshore resourcing as part of a new approach to better leverage the talents and skills of your existing team to grow your businesses.

Please join us for our final Captain’s Table recruitment owners and leaders meeting for 2018 where we discuss how to maximise the proven benefits of low cost Offshore Resourcing.

The new business case for offshoring presentation

Navigator Consulting Business Case for Offshoring

October 2018 – 12 Solutions To The Obsolete 360 Recruitment Model

With every agency after the perfect recruiter who is good at selling, admin, resourcing and recruiting – does this legacy model for staffing still work? What alternative staffing and resourcing models are other recruitment firms employing to drive this business forward in a talent-short modern era?

Join our next Captains Table to understand:

– 12 strategies to overcome the shortage of 360 recruitment consultants
– 5 ideas on how to increase sales revenue
– 2 alternative staffing models to increase billings

The 360 Recruitment Model Is Obsolete – presentation from this month’s Captain’s Table

Navigator Consulting – 50 STEP RECRUITMENT PROCESS and Service Promise

September 2018 – 7 tips for managing millenials.

Millennials differ vastly from those in the generations before them and that’s especially true when it comes to sales.

As an industry we can stay stuck in a rut of turning over millennial after millennial and blaming them for being self-absorbed, entitled and lazy or you can adapt your business to thrive with the next generation recruiter working for you.

In this session we will cover the seven essential tips for effectively managing and motivating millennial recruiters.

See the presentation from the event

Jason Elias - Can recruitment companies collaborate for better outcomes

August 2018 – Turning your competitors into profitable partners

Well presented by Jason Elias who talked about collaboration. The clear out take was that a client is looking for a solution and is more than happy for agencies to partner and fee split with another specialist firm to deliver on their requirements.

This is such a better option than promising we will deliver then fail miserably. Great insights and tips for those who attended were also shared.

July 2018 – Threats to the recruitment industry (and what we can do about them)

More than ever, the recruitment industry is under siege not only from internal recruiters but also a mosaic of dubious technologies that threaten to grab a piece of the $3 Billion plus Australian recruitment market.

In 2018, our biggest competitors are not our agency rivals – they are clients recruiting themselves as well as technology companies trying to help them do more without agencies.

This is your chance to come together and share your insights and hear what we are seeing from the hundreds of agencies we work with.

Read the summary

June 2018 – What marketing is actually working for recruitment businesses in 2018?

There is no industry that moves faster than marketing. Always changing and evolving into new ways to help customers part with money. As soon as we think we understand the latest opportunities, the next one seems to have come along. It is no wonder that many business owners scratch their heads and wonder where they should put their next investment.

Join our guest presenters from Eloquent for what will be a lively discussion as they share what is working and where savvy recruitment companies are spending their marketing dollars.

Here is the presentation from the event. Eloquent Presentation

April 2018 Captain’s Table – We farewell an industry legend – Rosemary Scott

Having interviewed thousands of people during her 43 years in the recruitment industry, we are proud to have Rosemary Scott joined us for one last one – her own farewell interview. While you all may not know her personally everyone in recruitment in Australia knows of Rosemary and what she has brought to the industry.

March 2018 Captain’s Table – Staff Engagement and Employee Value Proposition

Understanding the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) can unlock significant benefits for not only your own business – it can also deliver you a competitive advantage to identify, source and place the best talent for your clients.

This interactive session with Mike Beeley will help you understand how firms rely on more than just remuneration to find and keep talent – and – how you can leverage it for future success.

March 2018 Captain’s Table – Ross Clennett – Up Close and Personal

Insightful, honest and pulling no punches – Ross shared his views, experience and insight into the recruitment industry.

– The highlights of his career in the recruitment industry
– Some of the most important things he has learned
– What the best recruitment firms do to stand out in the market
– The attributes of some of the best consultants he has trained
– His take on the future of the industry

Ross also shared his views in many important industry issues – increasing consultant performance, effective hiring, performance management, training that works, staff retention techniques and much more.

February 2018 Captain’s Table – Building sustainable, high-performance teams.

Consistent high consultant performance is critical to the long term profitability, stability and success of recruitment firms in all sectors.

A high-performing team not only contributes to the overall business revenue, it also fosters a feeling of belonging and trust amongst staff – which through numerous studies is shown to increase job satisfaction and improve staff retention.

The session covered:

  • What does high performance mean?
  • How is it measured?
  • How can we further increase performance?
  • What can we do more of to improve consistency?
  • What else besides billings is important?