Best Practice Certification


Astute owners, managers and recruiters must prepare themselves for increasing competition and demand for even higher levels of service delivery from both clients and candidates.

Similar in concept to quality assurance, yet simpler, much cheaper and recruitment specific, Best Practice Certification assists recruitment firms to stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Areas covered by certification include many of the most critical recruitment business success factors such as:

– Commitment to client and candidate care

– Regular staff reviews

– Documented planning

– Sound operational disciplines.

The certification and renewal process is simple, with accreditation requiring a short annual audit.

On achieving certification, Navigator Consulting & Research licenses the Best Practice Certification logo and a package of templates, merchandise and research to further assist recruitment companies to provide a meaningful point of difference to clients who increasingly view recruitment firms as undifferentiated providers.

The Best Practice checklist includes our very best operating and service standards to ensure maximum performance for recruitment companies keen to be recognised and independently accredited as a proven market leader.

Best Practice Brochure  – Click here

Recently Best Practice Certified:

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